Terri & Patrick's Montreal Wedding Flowers

Terri & Patrick's wedding bouquet and boutonniere

Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere

wedding flower centerpieces

Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Terri and Patrick are a couple from the states who got married in the gorgeous Belvedere hall at the Montreal’s Science Center.

They wanted us to focus on color schemes and designs which were more natural in shape and appearance using various greeneries and selected blooms as accents. A mixture of green santinis, flatberry eucalyptus, varigated pittosporum, bear grass, purple decorative cabbages and purple and white agapanthus were selected to create this very organic and wild look.

With them being such wonderful people and our last wedding of the season, we surely took this one to heart and wish them a great future together.

Some of my wedding sketches

Some of my Wedding Sketches


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2 commentaires pour “Terri & Patrick's Montreal Wedding Flowers”

  1. Do you do your sketches before or after the flowers are done? I find if I sketch before, the flowers usually evolve somewhat in the making and don’t look exactly like the sketches!

    lundi 19 octobre 2009 à 09:21
  2. The sketches are always done before, this is what we use as a sample for our clients. It’s quite unbelivable how my partner Gen can bring my sketches to reality! That’s why we are a team!

    lundi 19 octobre 2009 à 10:16

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