Flower Arrangement for Pre-Wedding Event at Montreal Restaurant Decca 77

Flower arrangement for pre-wedding diner at restaurant decca 77 Montreal, by Oxidesign florists

Flower arrangement for pre-wedding diner

These were arrangements we had created for a pre-wedding diner at the gorgeous Decca 77 in Montreal.

The beautiful velvety steel blue color of their dining room chairs was at the core of our inspiration for this project. We wanted to go all out with creativity in the shapes we used. We started by wrapping gift boxes in fabric and structurally worked our way up using folded and cut pandanus leaves to highten the square base for the flowers. We then played with green anthuriums, green cymbidium orchids, small bullit alliums, sedum and artichokes to create this wonderful color palette.

Creatively definitely one of our favorites!


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