Flower Arrangement for a photo shoot for the Laprairie Golf Club

Flower arrangement for a photo shoot at Laprairie Golf club, Oxidesign, Montreal florists

Flower arrangement for a photo shoot at Laprairie Golf club

I went to the Laprairie Golf Club a couple weeks ago to help them out with a photoshoot they were having to showcase their beautiful brand new reception halls. The idea was to let the breathtaking landscape of the golf course speak for itself through the multiple windows in this hall. We decided not to overwelm the table with flowers and to make the centerpiece look more natural to go with the background. We used dark pink phalaenopsis orchids, birch troncs and river rocks in vases and also helped choose a stunning tablecloth and runner to accent the room. The napkins being plain offwhite, we thought that bringing a bit of the fushia from the centerpiece by placing a phalaenopsis flower and a river rock on each would look amazing, and it did!

The result looks so elegant and modern, we think many happy events will be taking place there throughout the years to come!


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