My lost & found passion for drawing

some sketches of centerpieces

Sketches of Centerpieces

I started taking drawing classes when a was very young, I have always enjoyed this art but kind of lost interest towards it along the way.

About 6 years ago, I studied interior design and would have never know I would be reunited with one of my childhood passions: drawing. Some wonderful teachers helped me learn tones of techniques and develop my own style. I love using big contrasts and work with sketchy lines, I find it gives lot of movement to the drawings.

I rediscover my hidden talent and I am so happy I get to use this fun gift to now illustrate our flower designs on a daily basis, what a fun job!

Other sketches of centerpieces ideas

Sketches of Centerpieces


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2 commentaires pour “My lost & found passion for drawing”

  1. you are AMAZING! i wish i could draw half as good as you do! remember to keep it up! this is what sets you apart as a designer! your ability to give people a glimpse into their day with a simple sketch – the rest of us have to show them at their prototype meeting!! :(

    mercredi 16 septembre 2009 à 13:04
  2. @JL_DESIGNS, thank you! I truly appreciate your encouraging words. I have to make a confidence though, when I started drawing sketches to my clients, I thought: ” Hum, are they going to think I am cheap?” We were just starting off at the time, and the cost of prototypes were quite expensive for us. With time I realized that sketching my designs out, allowed me to better think the concepts, to provide my clients with many choices, and to differentiate myself from other flower designers. I am happy the feedback I got from clients was great. My recommendation, buy some markers, and try yourself out. You are creative! You’re amazing! And I can always give you tips :)

    mercredi 16 septembre 2009 à 23:25

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