What Pandanus and Cordyline Leaves Look Like in Nature

Pandanus and cordyline leaves

Pandanus and Cordyline leaves in Nature

While on vacation, I was so happy to see some very familiar faces, and no I am not talking about people, but about our good friends the pandanus and the cordyline leaves at their natural state!

Every year I am amazed to see these leaves we work with so often come to life in an actual plant on a beautiful sunny day by the beach. Before actually seeing one with my own eyes, I never would’ve thought a pandanus leaf came from such a big tree, so crazy! I took these pictures with the thought of showing you guys the origin of some of the products we use, I just think it is so incredible for these leaves to come from the plant they are attached to, to being folded in a thousand different ways in our arrangements.

Well I hope you enjoyed another little souvenir from my vacation, I am getting nostalgic thinking about those plants … got to wait until next year to see more!


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