Meet O.XIDE Design's Tiny Flower Workshop

O.XIDE Design's tiny flower wokshop in Montreal

O.XIDE Design's tiny flower wokshop in Montreal

Who says you need a big fancy boutique to create wonderful things? We certainly don’t think so and we can prove it!

Meet our tiny lovely flower workshop located in Brossard in an interior design store called Les Entreprises Plateau II.

Thanks to my favorite uncle Luc, or as I call him “mon p’tit mononcle”, who owns the place and saves a space for us in the back, we can store our great inventory of vases, chandeliers, and so much more cool stuff.

We have tons of counter space to work on and a fridge to keep the flowers happy. What more can we ask for? Oh, how about an espresso machine? Well, he just bought one for the girls … ok, that’s luxury but we love it!

We are treated like queens over there and my uncle, being a contractor, loves to try and help us build new things. My cousin Claudia, who takes care of the store, always loves to give us a hand and her honest feedback on our creations. She is great!

What can I say, it’s a family affair and at any time in life where would we be without our family?


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