Les Entreprises Plateau II Christmas Party!

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Helping out wrap the gifts for Les Entreprises Plateau II !

Holidays are all about giving, and boy did my cousin and uncle at Les Entreprises Plateau II in Brossard (where we have our tiny workshop) nailed the idea of what should be a Christmas party this year!

It was a surprise for all of us when we arrived, ready to have a fancy lunch party, and were told we were going shopping at Zellers instead. But we weren’t going shopping for ourselves, we were shopping for a women’s shelter, for victims of domestic violence.

We were divided in two teams and had an hour to find 10 seventy dollar gifts that would help those women who will have to start their new lives with nothing. From the kitchen, to the washroom, living room and bedroom, we couldn’t believe how many gifts we got for the price, it was amazing! We then went back to the boutique and wrapped all the gifts together while drinking wine and eating pizza, so much fun!

I actually got the privilege to deliver the gifts with my cousin at the end of the day, I can’t hide the fact that I got really emotional. What a better gift for yourself than to give to others in need.

Besides offering the Christmas gifts, Les Entreprises Plateau II have also offered to re-design the shelter’s lobby in January. I am so proud of my cousin and uncle for their generosity, I strongly recommand to everybody to create a similar experience for themselves, it is a great feeling!


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