Another great busy week at O.xide!

It started off with a corporate event at the Saint-Gabriel in Montreal’s Old Port, we absolutely love working with Stéphanie and Gaétane! Simple low summery and fresh centerpieces made of white hydrangeas, orange roses and hot pink spray roses in a small cylinder vase with a green cordyline leaf rolled inside.

It was double duty that Wednesday as we also had our annual PriceWaterHouseCoopers corporate event, for the 4th year in a row! Held at Montreal’s Marché Bonsecours, the color theme was white, hot pink and orange. Guess which flowers we used? The same as our Saint-Gabriel event of course, why not, the colors worked perfectly and the larger quantity we buy each variety of flowers, the better price we get for your clients, we absolutely love a good deal! Used in more of a slick way, playing a lot with the transparency of the vases, the result was more crisp and modern than fresh like the previous arrangement with the green leaf. Always an amazing experience to create for Mrs Davidson, hopefully next year again!

And last but not least, on a beautiful sunny Saturday, Andrea and John’s magnificent wedding at Chateau Vaudreuil! We have great clients, but they were just so amazing, such nice people, it puts a smile on my face to relate our journey together!

I met with Andrea in November at Starbucks, she was with her future mother-in-law Mrs Cho, the sweetest lady I’ve ever seen! I guess it simply clicked from then on…one proposition and a couple simple questions later and it was a done deal, they fell in love with the designs, what a treat for such an elaborate wedding.

The flowers were simply stunning, I even went to take a peak, I couldn’t resist as I live so close…pink peonies (my favorite flower!), huge white hydrangeas, soft yellow roses, yellow and pink cymbidium orchids, yellow mokara orchids and crystals, lots of them! Just beautiful, luscious and elegant. We wish Andrea and John all the best and thank them for alowing us to create for such a special day.

As of now, this week is looking pretty quiet event-wise, let’s just say the calm before the storm as next week is the beginning of non-stop wedding season! Have a great one!

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