Enrich your Place with Yeffet’s Designs!

Dan Yeffet's vases by Oxide Design Montreal Florists and Flowers

Dan Yeffet's vases

Dan Yeffet's vases Oxide Design Montreal Florists and Flowers

Dan Yeffet's vases

I would like to introduce you to Dan Yeffet a talented modern furniture designer. His limited collection caught my eye! He features space, furniture and lighting accessories accessories for homes and offices. Dan is the man behind JellyLab design studio currently located in Paris. He is an artist that “puts a piece of himself into every work he does.” He considers himself to be a explorer and adventurer and I find his designs exemplify that.

His uniquely designed vases sharpen the character of a room. I would display these pieces as unqiue stand alone decoration or as a centerpiece with flowers. Yeffet’s talent brings decor to another level. Express yourself, would you decorate your place with Yeffet’s designs?


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2 commentaires pour “Enrich your Place with Yeffet’s Designs!”

  1. I love those vases! Especially the twiggy one. Stunning!

    jeudi 11 février 2010 à 13:01
  2. Love it!! xox

    vendredi 12 février 2010 à 08:56

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