At Home with Kim Vallee

At home with Kim Vallee - a blog about stylish living and easy entertaining

At home with Kim Vallee - a blog about stylish living and easy entertaining

I had the pleasure of meeting Kim a week ago to pick up the vases we used for the flower arrangements we designed for her husband’s birthday party.

It was challenging working with her concept and color scheme, but Steph and I love challenges. I will write a post later about these arrangements, as I think they were particularly original and I would love to share them with you.

But the reason I am writing to you today is that I was so surprised with the professionalism of Kim. If you think being a blogger is a joke or a hobby, you are mistaken! Bloggers like Kim are more like editors of magazines.

When Kim wrote her post, she made sure to understand exactly how we work, our process, our philosophy and vision. I spoke extensively with her, and I was so happy to see how serious she was, and how important it was to her to deliver information that is useful and interesting to her readers as well as represent us in a fair way.

I realized that being a blogger is becoming a serious job. And the reason why Kim’s blog is so successful is because of her faithfulness to her brand, her mission and vision.

On my way out of her house, I realized how much that little encounter inspired me.

If you read this Kim, thank you! You make us canadian women bloggers proud!

If you don’t know about Kim’s blog, I highly recommend you take a look at it:


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3 commentaires pour “At Home with Kim Vallee”

  1. Wow! You make my day. I enjoyed working with you.

    vendredi 13 novembre 2009 à 13:35
  2. And so did we Kim! Hope to get the opportunity to create for you again.

    lundi 16 novembre 2009 à 09:46

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