Another 50th Birthday Party!

Birthday with a modern feel

Birthday with a modern feel

This year has been quite a festive one, with both my in-laws turning 50! A couple months ago, I showed you Lucie’s 50th birthday decorations, and now it is Joe’s turn to celebrate. My boyfriend and I LOVE entertaining, with him being a chef and my talent for design, it was only natural to have everybody over for a great looking feast!

I went for a very modern look, my decor being in the whites, blacks and grey, it was only natural for me to stay within those colors. I like an impact, so I decided to hang 30 silver balloons in a chuck around my chandelier, I love it! I don’t even want to take them down anymore! I particularly like how everything you see on my table comes either from Ikea or from Dollarama, who said you had to spend tones of money to achieve an amazing look…

After a 6 course Italian meal, champagne, wine, Sambuca and Porto, everyone had an awesome evening. The party was a true success and I wish Joe a year filled with joy and success, we love you!


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