A stunning hotel for my vacation in Puerto Plata!

Steph's vacation in Dominican Republic bluebay-villas-doradas oxidesign montreal florists

Steph's vacation in Dominican Republic

Hola! I’m back from my two week vacation with my charming boyfriend and it was amazing. Great weather, fun activities, drinky-drinks, sleepy-sleep but most of all a georgeous hotel.

We went to the BlueBay Villa Doradas in Puerto Plata, not the greatest spot for a white sand beach and clear blue water, but we knew that, we chose this hotel because it was situated right beside a golf course (yes, we brought our golf bags!) and because of how beautiful and modern the hotel was. I fell in love with the lobby, with it’s light blue and white drapery and out of this world lanterns, such a different scenery from your usual all-inclusive tacky hotels. We had so much fun going for a ride in dune buggies (my boyfriend dragged me there, not my idea!), on a catamaran (that’s me!), to the casino and on a couple random outings in the city, we met great people that made our trip one to remember!

So basically I’m back, rested, inspired and ready to attack 2010, get ready!


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