A Bridal Bouquet for a Surprise-Wedding!

flower bouquets with roses, tulips and skimmia by o.xidesign florists Montreal

Bridal Bouquet for my Boyfriend's Mother

My boyfriend’s mother and stepfather went on a romantic trip to Spain and Portugal a couple weeks ago, how romantic you ask? Well romantic enough for them to sneak all the way to Gibraltar and, to everyone’s surprise, come back married!

I was so flattered when she told me that she couldn’t find a flower shop, had to buy flowers from the grocery store and finally opened her laptop to follow our blog for find tips and tricks on how to make her own bridal bouquet! So funny! Chris and I went to pick them up from the airport and we just had to give her the stunning bridal bouquet she deserved, using circus roses, fushia tulips, burgundy skimmia and green cordyline.

We are so happy for Marie-Andrée and Mike and still can’t believe the stunt they pulled on us, crazy kids! We wish them love and happiness for years to come!


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2 commentaires pour “A Bridal Bouquet for a Surprise-Wedding!”

  1. This is hilarious, and so much fun. Beautiful bouquet by the way!

    mercredi 4 novembre 2009 à 09:58
  2. Thanks Line!

    lundi 16 novembre 2009 à 09:48

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