Floral arrangement sketches for the weddings of the weekend

Here are the floral arrangement sketches for the weddings of last weekend. We were indeed really busy!

O.xide Design – Marilou and Simon’s Wedding – Espace Rive-Sud

The first wedding of the weekend was Marilou and Simon’s at Laprairie’s Espace Rive-Sud on Friday. Their color palette was white, brown and turquoise, so we used white hydrangeas, white dendrobiums, white cymbidiums and white phalaeonopsis orchids with a pretty black ribbon for the bridal bouquet and turquoise rocks and curly willow branches for the flower arrangements. Simply gorgeous!

O.xide Design – Emilie and Maxime’s Wedding – Espace Rive-Sud

Emilie and Maxime also got married at Laprairie’s Espace Rive-Sud, last Saturday. In the tones of fuchsias, purples and grays, this event was a composition of fuchsia and white hydrangeas, mini fuchsia callas and white callas, purple dendrobium and also fuchsia mokara orchids. Everything was perfect for an elegant wedding.

O.xide Design – Emilie and Francis’s Wedding – Espace Rive-Sud

The third wedding of the weekend was Emilie and Francis’, still at Laprairie’s Espace Rive-Sud on Saturday. The couple wanted a wedding in the shades of pinks and whites with a touch of green. We therefore chose pale pink dahlias, dark pink spray roses, pink hydrangeas, pale white santinis and eucalyptus berries. Everything combines for a rustic and light look.

O.xide Design – Cindy and Eric’s Wedding – Espace Rive-Sud

Cindy and Eric‘s wedding also took place at Laprairie’s Espace Rive-Sud on Saturday. The colors that were chosen time were red and black. Black magic roses, burgundy callas and burgundy cordyline leaves all adorned with black feathers and ribbons. These rich and felted arrangements created a nice impact.

O.xide Design – Kim and Patrick’s Wedding – Montreal Plaza Hotel

Kim and Patrick‘s wedding was held at the Plaza Hotel in Montreal on Saturday. The bridal bouquet was composed entirely of pink, light pink and white carnations: a very round and full bouquet completed with a black ribbon. The centerpieces, in the same colors, were small vases filled with two stems of white and pale pink dendrobium orchids. Sweet and lovely!

A great week to all of you and congratulations to our newlyweds!

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